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"Suspenseful, informative and more relevant than ever in the era of Prop 8, it's a unique novel that's hard to put down." - Gay list Daily

Mormon missionary Elder Aaron Lee is a murderer;
although he does not see it that way.

    He and his mission companion walk the Salt Lake City streets spreading the teachings of the LDS Church. His life changed forever the day he killed James Barone, a gay man living in Salt Lake City, UT. “What would lead a Mormon missionary to murder?” That was the one question that kept looping through Detective Klingensmith's mind. He and his partner Detective Robbins are about to find out in a journey that will expose secrets from the past and will take them from Salt Lake City to the red rocks of southern Utah.

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"A fascinating journey that weaves in modern and past historical events!"

"I never imagined I could feel sorry for someone who had committed a murder.
I really felt sorry for Aaron Lee."

"I could not stop thinking about Elder Lee after finishing this story."

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