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"An engaging though didactic tale of faith gone wrong." Kirkus Reviews

Straight Authors Address Homophobia in the Mormon Church in New Novel.

PHOTOS from April 6th Book Signing at Barnes & Noble (Layton, UT)
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INTERVIEW at Literary Inklings

REVIEW at Bill's Book Reviews & news
"...a real page-turner."

REVIEW at Gay list Daily
"Suspenseful, informative and more relevant than ever in the era of Prop 8, it's a unique novel that's hard to put down."

REVIEW at Card Carrying Lesbian

REVIEW at berBice [MRKT]
"A very enjoyable and unique take on the murder mystery."

Reader Comments
" finally came in the mail today. Started reading it at 2 pm, finished at 7:15 pm. A great and awesome read, I can not recommend this book strongly enough. Kept me in suspense, and learned more historical facts as well with great subject matter." - Lonnie (Texas)

"I met both of you guys at the barnes and noble in layton, utah on April 6. I bought the book, started it that day and finished it today on April 7.. I was so into that book. I loved it. You both did such a good job. Write more please. I can't wait to read more of your books." - Candice (Utah)

"A well written story proposing the idea that early teachings in the LDS church motivated a modern missionary to commit justified murder in the name god. The research supporting this novel was meticulous and well presented. I really enjoyed the style of writing and like how the sequence of events unfolded. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone." - Scott (Texas)

"I was surprised to learn who the murderer was early in this book. However, I was captivated by how the young missionary's early lessons of the leaders of the L.D.S. Church and eventual murder of a young, gay man were connected. The research was impressive." - Janice (Utah)

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